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IPhone data cable


Lightning fast charging, environmentally friendly and durable, fully compatible with iOS; the connector is reinforced to refuse to crack; the charging and transmission are two in one.

Name: Yinke Apple mobile phone data cable

Color: White

Interface type: Apple Lighting

Length: 1.2m/1.8m

Suitable for mobile phone models: Apple series mobile phones

Material: TPE

Product function: charging and transmitting two in one

Rated current: 2.4A

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Overview Specifications

IPhone data cable(图1)

IPhone data cable(图2)

IPhone data cable(图3)

IPhone data cable(图4)

IPhone data cable(图5)

IPhone data cable(图6)

IPhone data cable(图7)

IPhone data cable(图8)

IPhone data cable(图9)

IPhone data cable(图10)

IPhone data cable(图11)

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