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AC charging pile

Flexible installation, convenient to move, with metering method; real-time monitoring; 4.3" LCD screen; wall-mounted and floor-mounted. Support IC card swiping and QR code for mobile phone scanning payment; suitable for public parking lots and large shopping malls , Community garages, taxi repair stations and other public places.

Charging interface: GB/T20234.2-2015

Protection level: IP54

Cable length: 5 meters

Net weight: 7kg

Dimensions: 310*110*385

Leakage protection: <30mA

Insulation withstand voltage: 2kVAC

Impact withstand voltage: 5kVAC

Input voltage: AC220V115%

Input frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz

Output current: 32A

Connection/line: single-phase three-wire type (L, N, PE/FG)

Standby power: <5W

Output power: 7kW

Power protection: over voltage protection, over current protection, leakage protection, lightning protection, ground failure detection side, charging, surge and over temperature protection

Optional communication interface: RFID (user identification)/LAN (Ethernet)/4G/WIFI

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