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Smart bus electronic station

LCD interactive forecast station display solution

The latest interactive touch query function, you can touch to query bus route information, estimated time of arrival of vehicles, transfer station information, arrival time and other information, interactive touch query, allowing passengers to experience a different urban furniture experience, making travel more interesting. It can be touched to query the real-time arrival time information, transfer station information, and arrival time of the bus on the line. At the same time, it is accompanied by a voice broadcast, allowing passengers to experience a different waiting query experience.

Real-time vehicle arrival forecast
Real-time video surveillance
Multimedia video playback
Public information release
TTS voice announcement
Map navigation
Lost and found
IC card recharge
Train query
Flight query
Wireless WIFI
One-key alarm
Smart advertising light box
Remote information release
One-click troubleshooting

Real-time video surveillance

The real-time video monitoring function of the electronic stop sign not only facilitates the command center to rationally dispatch vehicles to provide data information, but also provides a powerful deterrent to pickpockets and a basis for obtaining evidence. There are three monitoring behaviors:

→ Face recognition

→ Behavior recognition

→ Density recognition

Personnel density statistical judgment

Through real-time statistics of the number of people in the bus station area, when the number of people in the area exceeds the set threshold, the relevant management personnel will be notified in time, so as to rationally arrange the number of trains to divert and divert passengers, and improve the efficiency of safety management.

Display the current trend of the number of people in the area, and take measures to prevent emergencies in areas with large numbers of people, so as to make reasonable adjustments to maintenance personnel and security personnel to control operating costs.

Personnel behavior judgment analysis

Based on huge-scale human movement data training, combined with intelligent zhgj-4.jpg video analysis, neural network and deep learning technology, automatic identification of the bus station area, such as calling, smoking, chasing, falling to the ground, fighting, stealing and other behaviors.