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YK13 fingerprint automatic identification smart lock

Multiple colors available

Low pressure reminder, waterproof and moisture-proof sliding cover; automatic waterproof and moisture-proof sliding cover; can be equipped with remote unlocking, efficient and convenient; combination unlocking, bank-level security level; small program temporary password, anti-peep password; anti-counterfeiting function for querying the factory date.

Unlock method: fingerprint, password, IC card, mechanical key, small program

Available colors: Ya black, BMW gray, red bronze

Administrator: 20 (fingerprint/password/card dynamic allocation) can be increased or decreased

User: 180 (fingerprint/password/card dynamic allocation)

Main material: aluminum alloy material

Power supply: universal four alkaline dry batteries or 7.5V lithium batteries

Emergency power supply: 5V (Miceo USB)

Battery life: more than 10 months (4 5# genuine alkaline batteries)

Lock body type: standard lock body, cylindrical lock body, Wang Li, Xiaoshuai, Da Bawang

Password length: 6-19 digits

Optional: remote control

Suitable door thickness: 40mm-130mm

Product size: width 82mm*height 384mm*thickness 45cm

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Overview Specifications

YK13 指纹自动识别智能锁(图1)

YK13 指纹自动识别智能锁(图2)

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